Wednesday, February 11, 2015

McAfee SIEM: Rebuild Index –ESM

I came in this morning and, after signing in to the ESMWGUI\ Dashboard, noticed there weren’t any new events after a certain time. I also notice I had some red flags. Hmmmm, so I troubleshoot.
Phase I – Open System Log
  1. Open ESM Properties, by clicking on the icon of a window in the top right corner.
2. Open System Log Open_ESM_Properties
3. Look for obvious errors. Example:

Could not submit auto flow retrieval, exclusive job already in progress

Phase 2 – Check Database Health
1. Open ssh session OpenSSHSession
2. Stop cpservice McAfee-ETM-6000 ~ # service cpservice stop
3. Check database health using DBCheck McAfee-ETM-6000 ~ # DBCheck -d '/usr/local/ess/data/ngcp.dfl' -p 'LOCDB327|CPDB126' –t

or use

DBCheck -d ngcp.dfl -c | grep not
4. While doing the previous action keep an eye on the error log vi /usr/local/ess/data/NitroError.Log
5. Observe errors, similar to these NitroError_CorruptIndex
NitroX.MakeTableRecord Access violation
Phase 3 – Rebuild Index
1. Navigate to the location of the index McAfee-ETM-6000 ~ # cd /usr/local/ess/data
2. Create a copy of the current index files, and confirm this was completed. /usr/local/ess/data # mkdir copy_ngcp
/usr/local/ess/data # cp ngcp.cfg copy_ngcp
/usr/local/ess/data # cp copy_ngcp
/usr/local/ess/data # cd copy_ngcp/
/usr/local/ess/data/copy_ngcp # ls
<output> ngcp.cfg
3. The simplest thing to do is to simply type reboot

PePeLePuu – The Dancing Engineer!!!!
By. Joe Piggee

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  1. Joe, if is possible can you update the images files, or send me the guide to it process. Thanks in advance